Thursday, 1 September 2011


Well, after silently following so many bloggers who have inspired, challenged and sometimes even infuriated me, I have decided to join the blogosphere. I have been tempted to do this on several occasions in the past but have had a pervading sense that I have nothing of any import to say.
However. It seems appropriate, as I take a step into a new phase of my life, to push myself to do something that scares and challenges me. So now, two days before my Induction into Baptist Ministry at Edgeside Baptist Church, I am popping up to say hello, and I hope that over the coming months and years I can slowly begin to hone my theological reflection skills, and become, as they say, "a reflective practitioner".

Whilst I'm far from being stupid, I must admit that academia has come as rather a challenge for me, and I am a little slower analytically than so many I read and converse with. Please bear with me. Practice makes perfect.

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